Valvoline Professional Series Fuel System Maintenance Kit, Throttle Body Cleaner & Intake Cleaner, 2-Part


VPS INTAKE CLEANER cleans fuel system components that most fuel injector cleaners fail to reach. VPS INTAKE CLEANER is professionally installed using an installation tool and works with VPS Fuel Injector Cleaner to thoroughly clean intake valves, manifold ports and combustion chambers. VPS INTAKE CLEANER contains powerful cleaners to clean fuel induction systems and formulated to eliminate exhaust smoke. These powerful cleaners are injected directly into the induction system without being diluted with gasoline like cleaners added to the fuel tank. VPS Throttle Body Cleaner (VP072) Throttle body deposits can cause rough idle and hesitation as well as reduce fuel economy and increase emissions. Equipment coated with gum, varnish, carbon, or dirt becomes sticky and inefficient. Sticking PCV valves can cause excessive oil consumption. VPS Throttle Body Cleaner is a blend of carefully formulated solvents designed to maximize cleaning power and remove deposits away quickly. 6 Per Case.