VPS Brake Service Kit


The VPS Brake Service Kit combines VPS Brake Stop Squeal and VPS Brake Cleaner. This is a great way to reduce costly brake cleaner shop expenses while providing a complete brake pad service that will keep customers satisfied. VPS Brake Stop Squeal eliminates brake squeal at the surface between brake pads and rotors or brake shoes and drum. Effective on all makes and all models. Does not damage or harm brakes. It is applied directly to the brake pads and should be allowed to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before re-assembly. Always test brakes after re-assembly before driving. VPS Auto Parts & Brake Cleaner is designed for professional use only. Contains a blend of synthetic cleaners that thoroughly clean brake parts and CV joints. This premium formula removes brake dust, brake fluid, oil and grease without leaving a residue. VPS Auto Parts Cleaner dries faster than most other auto parts cleaners. Use directly on brake pads, linings and other friction parts including clutch parts. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Meets most current low VOC regulations where VOC content for this product category should be at 45% or lower. Spray directly on brake parts and allow to dry or wipe dry.