Valvoline Professional Series Easy GDI Fuel System Service Clean-up 4-Part


Up until now, treating and restoring Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) fuel systems required an invasive engine dismantle and up to 8 hours of manual cleaning and reassembly. The prevailing thought in the auto industry has been that a simple treatment similar to current Port Fuel Injection service just wasn’t possible with GDI systems. Enter Valvoline™ EasyGDI™ with Power Dispersal Technology™, a groundbreaking fuel system service that removes carbon deposits from hard-to-reach intake valves, piston tops, cylinder heads and fuel injectors in Gasoline Direct Injection engines. The EasyGDI service can be performed in a little over an hour using basic tools, a simple canister apparatus and shop air, marking a major breakthrough in how GDI fuel systems can be treated and restored.