VPS All Season Heater & A/C Odor Eliminator Kit


VPS All Season Heater & A/C Odor Eliminator Kit is a two step, professional process to provide the best cleaning and deodorizing of the HVAC system available consisting of: VPS All Season A/C Ultra Foam Evaporator Cleaner Accumulation of contaminants along with other debris such as pet hair, dander, pollen, nicotine residue, and other small debris reduce the overall efficiency of the heating and cooling system. The VPS All Season A/C Ultra Foam Evaporator Cleaner is specifically designed to remove these contaminants as well as neutralize the micro-organisms within the HVAC system. Using a hose adaptor attached to the pressurized can, the foam is discharged through the vehicle’s drain tube and quickly fills the evaporator core with billowing foaming action to clean every area it touches. The foam will then break down and carry the dissolved and neutralized contaminants along with it. This waste stream can be readily disposed of down the drain or in used oil as this product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and bio-degradable. VPS All Season Heater and A/C Odor Eliminator is introduced through the external intake vents located in the cowl area and circulated throughout the system to clean any residual micro-organisms and alleviate any foul odors. Micro-organisms and other contaminants causing odors and allergic symptoms are eliminated and removed through this two-step process. After this service is performed, a slight spearmint fragrance will be noticeable. This will dissipate after a few days leaving the system odorless.