Valvoline Professional Series Mini-Tune Maintenance Kit, Fuel Tank Additive & Oil Additive


VPS Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner contains synthetic cleaners to remove deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors, ports and carburetors. Power and performance can be reduced if deposits are allowed to accumulate in these vital areas. VPS Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner removes power robbing deposits to help your engine run as it was designed to run. It smoothes out rough idle, improves acceleration and reduces harmful emissions. Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Contains no alcohol. One 10 ounce bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline. Can be used with all gasoline and gasohol. VPS Oil Additive is custom designed to provide consistent peak performance through extreme temperatures, loads and stress. For professional use only. Add entire contents to crankcase. Safe for all vehicles makes models and types, both foreign and domestic.